Youngstown Oxygen & Welding Supply was founded in Youngstown, Ohio,  in 1985 by Ed and Marilyn Neiheisel with a commitment to provide great customer service, fair pricing and to have mutual respect and courtesy for their customers.   The company started with a small customer base as a local distributor of compressed gases and welding supplies.  The company alsooffers specialty gases, welding equipment and consumables and excellent technical support.  The company quickly grew due to the objectives on which it was founded. Due to the rapid growth, the company which started with only 3 employees, began adding more and now has 12 full time employees, most of which are family members. Due to word of mouth recommendations, we now service an approximate 100 mile radius and are continuing to grow under the leadership of the second generation. The company is proud to announce that they are still at the same location and operate 6 days a week. By providing the helpful, effective responses to customers needs and concerns, we have been able to build lasting and rewarding relationships with our customers.